My Timely List of Links

SFA's Music Dept. Faculty Home Page: This is my school and the place that I work at
Art Bell: A GREAT Page for UFO and Sci Fi
Emulation net: ALL the Emulation computers for the Mac
Krosis' Red Dwarf Pagaroonie: Red Dwarf Rulz
Macbeat: Mac and midi
Herbert M. Midgley II's Résumé page: My Résumé
Herbert M. Midgley II's picture page: Pictures of me
Herbert M. Midgley II's Music page: Here is a piano composition you can print and a surprise
Résumé: Here is another résumé page about me
Nocturne Page: A Free piano nocturne for you to print
Herbert and Friend's Pictures: Pics of me with my many friends
To The Time (Piano Music Page): Another composition for you to print and play
Herbert Midgley's Art Page: Some computer art that I made
Guitar Free music page: Some free guitar music I wrote for a quartet
Casio DG-1 Homepage: Some info on this digital guitar
Scripts of movies and tv: Many scripts too read
Easy Guitar Suite Page: Here is an easy guitar suite for you to print and play

Herbert M. Midgley II.
Lufkin, TX
United States

Personal Information about me


Herbert Michael Midgley II. has been an active composer for the last six years. He has composed numerous compositions during his collegiate career including written one symphony and nine original works for band and other large form pieces. Mr. Midgley has also written a great number of chamber works, including quartets for wind instruments, solo piano works, and solo works for many other instruments. His composition teachers include Californian composers Delbert Bump and Dr. Mac Cooks, and Dr. Dan Beaty, who serves on the SFA Music Faculty. Mr. Midgley has earned two degrees from SFA: B.M. and M.M. Both of his degrees are in music theory and composition.

For more than five years, Mr. Midgley has been working closely with M.I.D.I. technology, serving as a Graduate Assistant at SFA in the M.I.D.I. Lab, and also at Solano Community College in California. He is an expert on Macintosh computers and music software, and has tutored many students in the use of computer technology in music, including both music notation and sequencing software. In addition to working with college students, Herbert has served as a music technology coordinator and instructor for younger children in the SFA Music Preparatory Division.

Mr. Midgley has recently been accepted by the composition faculty at the University of North Texas to the D.M.A. degree program in composition.

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